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Deep Relief Exercise Bike Seats
Gel seats with an extra deep relief zone for groin, prostate & tailbone relief, 
to ease groin pressure and numbness For Men and Women. 
Perfect for enlarged prostates and men treated for prostate cancer.

Extra Deep Relief Zone
Gel Seat
  12" wide 

Was $49.95  
On Sale! $39.95

For Larger Men and Women
Maybe Men 275lbs+ & Women 210lbs+ ?

  (And Tailbone Relief Seat)
With metal springs for more comfort - firmer than the 11".
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Extra Deep Relief Zone
Gel Seat


11" wide 

Was $45.95  
On Sale $27.69


The best choice for almost everyone.
With metal springs, and best cushioning, for most comfort.

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Extra Deep Relief Zone
Gel Seat
9" wide 

Our Price $31.95

With elastomer springs for more performance and comfort.

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Extra Deep Relief Zone
Gel Seat
7" wide 

Our Price $27.95

A Woman's Sport Seat 
maybe less than 130 lbs.

No springs, more of a sport seat, but with more padding than the smaller sport seats.

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Extra Deep Relief Zone
Gel Seat
6" wide 

Our Price $25.50

A Man's Sport Seat 
maybe less than 180 lbs.

No springs, a sport seat with more nose control.

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For more solutions - See  Prostate relief bicycle seats


NOTE: all sizes may be slightly larger or smaller than the names listed here
See product details for more info.

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Doctor Recommended Bike Seats for
Prostate and Groin Issues

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There are recent concerns about Americans getting enough exercise.  Did you know that bicycling is a low impact exercise with great cardio-vascular benefits?    Our bicycle seats help relieve pain and numbness allowing you to get more exercise, more comfortably.  Please see the growing list of information concerning these issues for men and women. 




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